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The objective of this project contributes to build “All-in-one Mobile app and website with parent engaging, attendance, program planning, daily reports, check in and more”

What We Can Offer

images Parent App
Mobile App to facilitate parent for tracking child’s activities, engage parent with digital daily sheets, pictures, videos and educational information
images (1) Care Provider App
Connect with parents using digital communications And Free the staff to focus on the kids, not the paperwork
5c8a6894d960f Driver App
Keep track of when and where the child has been picked up and dropped off
5c8a6905d3eea Secure Environment
Secure the child and also the information of both is secured.

More Features

Fill out meals, snacks, sleep checks, activities and observations, medication and mood for individual children or multiple children at a time
Photo and video observations - Tag real-time observations with images from the classroom. A child's portfolio is automatically created and maintained through observation tagging
Parents can view photos, videos, daily reports and schedules, update their child’s information, and message educators in their own private, secure account.
Record absences and have oversight into check-in, check-out times.Ensure the preschool is running smoothly with attendance, sleep check, meal, and activity reports


Star Kidss

Starkidss empowers and connects administrators, teachers, parents,
and students through it’s innovative technology.

Simple, speedy, hassle-free attendance and dismissal
Reduces after school traffic
Safe & Secure Technology Enhances communication between school and parents
Up-to-the-minute school and student tracker updates
Digital Records for school accountability
Simple student data transfer and software set up Training and technical support included